My work - Webpages

The first project that I created for someone else.

My friend Veronica needed an updated webpage and this is the result. She has been part of the process and provided the content, and I've provided the semantic html, css and JavaScript. I tried to reuse styling with components such as cards to make updating easier. I'm quite proud of the result even though I will refactor it along the way as I gain more knowledge. I have not yet came up with a good solution for creating pages that customers can update themselves, so for now I will update the page when necessary. The page is responsive and uses for the form.

This site is in Swedish and was launched in Jan 2023

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Webpage for me and my husband that I've been working on.

The page is quite basic and coded with html and css only, but I've tried to use semantic html and played around with some animations. My ambition was to give the page a professional and modern look, and I have generally reused the same styling in the whole page. The page includes a contact form using and is responsive.

This site is in Swedish and was updated in Dec 2022

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Sten Sax Påse

Rock Scissors Paper

The game of Rock Paper Scissors created from scratch.

As my JavaScript knowledge increases I got the inspiration of creating this game. The player chooses one if the images and then the program chooses a random one. The program compares the two and gives the winner a score. First one to reach five points win. I have used basic JavaScript but compared to other projects this one went way faster and I can tell that I'm getting better at understanding how to use JavaScript. I spent about six hours from start to finnished product.

This site is in Swedish and was updated in Jan 2023

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Math Practice

math practice webpage math practice webpage

My first attempt of making my own program using JavaScript.

I took inspiration from an assignment at Sundsgården and made a program for practicing basic math problems. Since this is my first try there are probably better ways to code this, but the basics work and I'm very proud of it.

There are still a great deal of stuff that I need to keep on develop, and I keep on working on it from time to time. It's a great challenge to be able to create something with JavaScript like this and I'm learning a lot in how to use functions, statements and variables.

This site is in Swedish and was updated in December 2022

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React Portfolio

react portfolio

In this project I recreated some of the content from this portfolio using React.

The project was a part of my education at Sundsgården, but I've modified it, keep in mind that not everything may be updated.

This is my first attemt in creating something with react and understanding using state, components and routing, and I'm proud of the result so far.

This site is in English and was updated in June 2022

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Find your buddies

react find your buddies

This app was made as a group project at Sundsården. We were three group members and took equaly part of developing this game and all the functionallity.

The game is made using React and included practising fetching via API, using state, using JSON-server and much more!

This project was a big challenge but I'm so glad that we made everything work in such a short period of time.

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This site is in English and was updated in June 2022

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One of my first side projects where I'm testing to build a webpage for a fictive company with html, css and vanilla JavaScrips. This was the first page I did mobile first.

I started this project before I entered the Sundsgården course and I'm updating it from time to time to test stuff. I's my very own project and no assignment, and it is very fun to create something new. I've also added some JavaScript with cards of testimonials. Design isn't my strong side, but I'm trying to study and learn some basics from here and there.

This site is in Swedish and was updated in May 2022

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github profile

A link to my GitHub where I put my work. Here you can see my progress from the start up until now.

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