About me


Name: Kicki Lindstrand

Age: 41 years old

Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden

Status: Married to Martin since 2016

Children: Ronja (13), Lukas (9) and Ebba (6)

Pets: Sixten - poodle born april 2022

picture of Kicki

I don't like

  • Injustice
  • Mushrooms (eating them - looking for them in the forest is nice!)
  • Intolerance
  • Winter
  • Spiders
  • Phone calls
  • Wasps

When I'm at work

I'm very ambitious in my work and take it seriously. I'm good at structure, organizing and seeing the big picture. I'm a quick learner and if I don't know the answer I will find a way to solve the problem. As a preeschool teacher I'm used to reflect about my actions and achievements in order to improve. I find relations and communication very interesting and have spent a lot of time studying this to make sure my messages are as clear as possible, directed to the right receiver and are understood correctly. I'm also very good at expressing myself in writing. This goes mainly for my first language Swedish, but I'm actively working on my English skills.

Equality has always been important to me. I've worked a lot with bringing awareness about discrimination against people on the basis of for instance gender, religion, etnicity or sexual orientation. In my opinion, diversity makes us grow and I'm always open to meet new people.

I've been a mentor for students from the University since 2017 and in 2019 I started to mentor new colleagues in Eskilstuna in an extended introduction program together with three other experienced preschool teachers. I have held lectures during the introduction and in other work-meetings about for instance group dynamics, systematic quality work and LGBTQ (HBTQ).

I will never regret all the experience and the wonderful relationships I've been able to be a part of during my years in preeschool, but now it's time to find new roads ahead!

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When I'm at home

I have learned the importancy of recovery and mindfullness, so when I'm at home I try not to have too much on my schedule. I love to spend my time with a large jigsaw-puzzel, a crossword or playing solitaire. A good movie with the family is also very nice. In june 2022 our family grew as our poodle puppy Sixten moved in, and he brings us much joy and love!

Having three kids and a puppy, there are lots of logistics to take in consideration, and studying at home is a great help. I can plan my hours so that I can take part in the childrens activities and even go to the gym now and then, and still have enough time to complete my assignments. My hopes for the future are therefore to find a remote or hybrid position as a junior front end developer, or a job in my hometown. I have no problem traveling to for instance Stockholm or Västerås a few days a week, but I also need a few days at home to make everything work.

As I already mentioned, I am good at structure and organization, and that runs through my personal life as well. I'm diciplined when it comes to study or work, and I do what I'm supposed to do in my workhours. I don't like to deliver work that is sloppy. I work fast and efficient but I'm also thorough and pay attention to details and clean code.

My family lives in a house in the outskirts of Eskilstuna. We have a caravan that we love to travel with to different locations when we are on vaccation.

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Why I'm coding

In September 2021 I took the hard decision to leave preeschool, due to the amount of stress the workload was causing me. I had no idea what to do instead and looked into different options. My husband, Martin, works in cyber security and he suggested that I should look into coding since I'm a fast learner, logical and structured. I thought he was nuts. I had no experience and felt like I didn't understand anything about computers, even if I've always been a frequent and interested user and used digital tools quite a lot at work. I started searching for information online, asking Martin all kinds of questions I could think of, and took a few online classes. I got a bit used to the thought that coding might acctually be someting that could suit me very well!

In the winter 2021 I gathered a lot of knowledge and facts, and in January 2022 I took a leave from work to attend the intense course "IT: Tech for women" that is a front end education for women and non-binary. I've also during spring 2022 finished "programing 1" through Hermods. I decided to take the last step and resign from my current work, and instead I got into an "yrkeshögskoleutbildning" that I'm attending 2022-2024. This form of education counts as higher education, but is focused on educating for fields that has needs for a lot of future employees and includes an internship. This means it will increase my chanses of landning my dreamjob afterwards.

Of course I'm still a beginner, but by now I've learned the basics of CSS and HTML, Python, JavaScript and React. I know how to use Sass, SEO, Figma, Git and Github amongs other things.

Besides from my educations I've attended courses online covering JavaScript, Python and HTML/CSS, and I still do. I'm also taking some courses in React and webdevelopment at Udemy.

I know that I have SOOO much left to learn, but I'm starting to get a sense of how this works, and I find it exciting to come up with new projects and see them come to life.

I'm looking for internship from week 51 2023 and during the spring of 2024. Please let me know if I can be of interest for your company.

I'm also constantly working on my portfolio, so if you need help making or remaking a smaller webbsite - send me an email.

picture of code

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  • Ambitious
  • Fast learner
  • Problem solver
  • Curious
  • Flexible
  • Stable and has life-experience
  • Not afraid to take the lead in groups


  • Beginner
  • Non-experienced in the field
  • Needs hybrid or remote work


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
  • Git and Github
  • Service-minded
  • Works well both in groups and individually